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Come along and experience our fun toddler classes at A Step Ahead Academy. Designed to entertain and engage through play-based learning, our classes provide a stimulating and nurturing environment. Led by passionate instructors, we create memorable experiences filled with laughter and learning. Enrol your child today and let them discover the wonders of fun, friendship, and developmental growth.

Little Big Shots

Welcome to Little Big Shots, where our classes offer children an opportunity to learn fundamental movements while exploring a wide range of sports. Through engaging activities, children will develop essential skills in balance, locomotion, and ball handling. We understand that nurturing these skills not only enhances physical abilities but also promotes the mental and emotional development of young minds.


Research has shown that the development of these movement skills helps connect neural pathways, fostering cognitive and emotional growth. This solid foundation empowers children to participate fully in various games, sports, and recreational activities in the future. In our classes, they will have a blast interacting with their peers within a safe and supportive environment.


Our program focuses on cultivating important attributes such as social interaction, confidence, teamwork, and the ability to listen to instructions. We recognise that children learn best through play, which is why our lessons strike a perfect balance between play-oriented approaches and structured learning.

Little Big Artists

Welcome to Little Big Artists! Our arts and crafts classes are designed for children aged 2-5 years, providing a fun environment for self-expression without the worry of mess. Each week, we delve into different art and craft activities guided by our instructor. Parents play an important role, joining in to assist their child throughout the activities.


Why Art? 

Engaging in creative activities fuels cognitive growth, nurturing problem-solving skills and critical thinking. As children make choices about colours, shapes, and materials, their imaginations soar, sparking curiosity and out-of-the-box thinking. 


Fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination get a boost too. Art becomes a language of its own, enabling children to convey thoughts and emotions when words may fall short. 


Exploring textures and materials helps to build sensory awareness. Sharing paintbrushes and ideas with classmates encourages social skills, cooperation, and the art of sharing. 


Join us at Little Big Artists to creatively promote holistic growth – physically, emotionally, cognitively, and socially.

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Little Big Shots Two's

Little Big Shots Two's is an interactive class designed to introduce your little one to a wide range of fundamental skills within a playful yet structured environment. Through the use of sporting situations, this class will enhance your child's hand-eye coordination and foster confidence in their physical abilities.


Our engaging activities will not only promote social interaction and teamwork but also emphasize the importance of listening to instructions. The lessons will revolve around fundamental movements such as balance, locomotion, and ball skills, all tailored to suit the developmental stage of the children.


We believe in the power of parental involvement, which is why parents are required to join in, actively supporting and encouraging their child’s learning journey.


Join us at Little Big Shots Two’s and watch your child thrive as they have fun, develop crucial skills, and build a strong foundation for their overall growth and development.

Little Big Shots Three's

Little Big Shots Three's is dedicated to building upon the children's existing hand-eye coordination skills while introducing more complex movements to provide them with exciting challenges and enhance their confidence. In a safe and supportive environment, children will explore a wider range of fundamental skills, including the use of sticks or racquets, to further develop and refine their abilities.


Through play and interactive games, children will also be introduced to running and stopping, which are essential aspects of physical activity. We prioritize social interaction, teamwork, and the ability to follow instructions, fostering these skills through engaging activities.


We highly value parental involvement. While your active participation is encouraged, if your child feels confident participating independently, we are happy for you to support them from the side-lines and offer assistance when needed. However, it is mandatory for parents to remain present for the duration of the lesson.


Join us at Little Big Shots Three's to provide your child with a nurturing and stimulating experience that will expand their physical capabilities, boost their social skills, and instill a sense of accomplishment and confidence.

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Little Big Shots Four's

Little Big Shots Four’s will continue to focus on improving children’s hand eye coordination while introducing it in game-like scenarios. Our engaging games and activities will foster teamwork and encourage the children to work together to achieve a common goal. Within a supportive and enjoyable environment, we will expand their repertoire of fundamental movements to include changes in direction and dodging while in motion.


Building upon our previous successes, we will continue to prioritize the development of confidence, social interaction, teamwork, and the ability to listen to instructions. We believe in empowering children to participate independently, while parents play a supportive role from the side-lines. Parents will be encouraged to assist with holding and collecting equipment and are required to remain present throughout the entire lesson.


Join us at Little Big Shots Four’s to provide your child with a fun and enriching experience that nurtures their physical coordination, social skills, and self-assurance.

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