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Discover a world
of toddler fun and engaging activities at A Step Ahead Academy!

We understand the boundless energy and curiosity of toddlers, and our programs are specifically designed to keep them entertained and stimulated. Our toddler classes are carefully crafted to promote learning through play, ensuring that every moment is filled with fun and excitement.

From interactive games and play to creative arts

Our wide range of activities caters to the unique interests and developmental needs of toddlers. We believe that through hands-on experiences, toddlers can actively engage with their environment, enhance their motor skills, and foster cognitive and social development.


Our experienced instructors are passionate about working with toddlers and provide a safe and nurturing environment for their exploration. They understand the importance of keeping toddlers engaged and entertained, creating a space where they can thrive and have a blast while learning valuable skills.

pre school class games
child with tools
toddler painting class

At A Step Ahead Academy, we prioritize the holistic development of your toddler. Our activities focus on promoting social interaction, fundamental movements, fine and gross motor skills, problem-solving, and creativity. 

Join us for an exciting journey of toddler fun and engaging activities. Watch your little one flourish as they discover new experiences, make friends, and develop essential skills for their future. Contact us today to learn more about our toddler programs and enroll your child in a world of fun. Together, let's create treasured memories and lay the foundation for a lifetime of curiosity and exploration.

Ryan Lambert


Hello, I'm Ryan, your instructor at Little Big Shots!

Since I could walk, my passion for sports has been an integral part of my life, and anything involving a ball has always caught my interest. I've had the privilege of playing rugby for various clubs, both here in the Bay of Plenty and in the UK. Throughout my journey, I've gained experience coaching a diverse range of sports, including rugby, volleyball, and cricket. These experiences have fuelled my dedication to sports, leading me to pursue and obtain a Degree in Sports Management.


As a parent of three children under the age of 5, I understand that each child is unique, with different needs and abilities. This understanding enables me to cater to the individual requirements of each child in our classes. I am genuinely excited to utilize my passion for sports to help the next generation discover the true joy and enthusiasm that comes from playing sports with their peers.


Join me at Little Big Shots, where I'll combine my expertise in sports and coaching with a deep love for the game to provide a memorable and enjoyable experience for your children. Together, we'll uncover their potential, foster their passion for sports, and create lasting memories of fun and camaraderie.

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