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Welcome to A Step Ahead Academy

we provide engaging and interactive classes designed for children aged 2-5 years.

preschooler playing with ball

Our programs focus on nurturing social interaction, building confidence, fostering teamwork, and enhancing their ability to listen and follow instructions.

We understand that children learn best through play, as it allows them to actively engage with the world around them. That's why our lessons strike a perfect balance between play-oriented approaches and structured learning. We believe that when children are actively involved and having fun, they are more receptive to new ideas and concepts.


All our lesson plans are thoughtfully created by experienced teachers, ensuring a well-rounded and enriching experience for every child.

preschooler activity

Discover a world of toddler fun

and engaging activities at A Step Ahead Academy. Our programs promote learning through play, enhancing motor skills and fostering cognitive and social development. Join us to create lasting memories while providing your child with a stimulating and entertaining learning experience.

toddler on balance beam


Experience our fun toddler classes at A Step Ahead Academy.

Designed to entertain and engage through play-based learning, our classes provide a stimulating and nurturing environment. We create memorable experiences filled with laughter and learning. Enroll your child today and let them discover the wonders of fun, friendship, and developmental growth.

child with tools
Little Big Builders

Coming 2024

preschooler ball skills
Little Big Shots

Booking Term 1

Painting Class
Little Big Artists

Coming 2024

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